Feeling Divine 9

Divine 9

A Down under industrial band with a Singapore sling…

Divine 9?

Divine 9’s music is rather… eclectic. It’s the kind of music that sort o reminds you of some band, but you just cannot place your finger on it. Not quite trance, not quite electronica, or purely dance tracks, but a mix of all these genres and more, it sort of gives them a rather edgy and tame feel at the same time. In case you have no idea who is this band, Divine 9 is an underground independent band from Australia. They describe their music as breakbeat, and gospel-punk, with an industrial trance theme to it.

Their album, Scion, consists of precisely this; a mish-mash mix of styles that turns out surprisingly well. There is a rather heavy emphasis on keyboards that is a little reminiscent of some of Prodigy or Orbital, but not exactly that either. To call them indie is not precisely accurate, but they are an independent group without a major record company that manages them.

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The introduction to the third track, which consists of President Bush’s recital of the presidential vows, is rather interesting and catchy. The gothic punk rock style of their fashion and music is hard to miss, but it does not seem to be the only style they are capable of.

The lead singer’s pitch makes for a good electronic style of music. If you wanted me to truly pin them down, I would say their music was just outside of the mainstream.

While Divine 9’s albums are not out on sale at most music stores, they are available for download on their web site, www.divine9.net. If you like punk rock or offbeat electronic styles, this might be something for you. Look for “Senseless Missionary” and “Plan B” if it’s available.