Fat Boy Tim

Fat Boy Tim

He looks like Fat Boy Slim and plays like Fat Boy Slim, but he ain’t Fat Boy Slim. He’s…?DJ revival act Fat Boy Tim! Fat Boy Tim

Huh? GASHAUS recently called him in London to find out what was going on before he played KC Karlov in Benesov in the Czech Republic.

GASHAUS: What was the main reason or idea behind starting to play as a Fat Boy Slim Revival… actually you are the only one revival dj we know.

FBT: Two years ago people started coming up to the decks saying, ‘YOU LOOK JUST LIKE FATBOY SLIM! ‘ – and my manager thought it would be a good idea and good fun to play as a Norman Cook look-a-like.?I had some very successful university gigs and then BBC1 wanted to interview me. After being on the radio a couple of times the bookings started coming in every day.

GASHAUS: Your real name is Tim Davies. What kind of music do you like?

FBT: Fat, funky house music.

GASHAUS: Are you into farm animals?

FBT: What?

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GASHAUS: Nothing. Favorite label?

FBT: Skint, but a lot of good stuff is on unknown labels.

GASHAUS: Your dj Top 3?

FBT: Norman Cook – Timo Maas – Sasha

GASHAUS: Your resident club

FBT: Carwash (London)

GASHAUS: What’s your current top five like?

FBT: Peace Division – My house music Sia – Drink to get drunk (dif gear remix) White Label – The Ones ‘flawless’ The Goodfellas – Soul Heaven Ian Pooley – Blames (JC’s Remix)

GASHAUS: The best party you remember – where, when, why?

FBT: Dundee (Scotland) It was my first Fat Boy Slim gig and the 1,500 crowd went wild.

GASHAUS: Your ‘Party drugs’ opinion is?

FBT: I’m just a DJ and people have their own brain – just be safe and look out for others.

GASHAUS: Any tracks or music produced by yourself? If not, do you plan to compose?

FBT: I’ve released six tracks so far with varied success – but its getting better all the time. My last track was a Diana Ross remix.

GASHAUS: Is Norman Cook your friend? Any relationship? Are you lovers?

FBT: Um, no. We’re not friends, but he once said in an interview that he’s flattered by what I do. I guess he meant it.

GASHAUS: If you weren’t the Fat Boy Tim Revival DJ, who would You like to be?

FBT: Robbie Williams. (Laughs.)

GASHAUS: Do you think there will be more “tribute DJs” coming?

FBT: there is a Judge Jules tribute, but frankly I don’t think he can mix.

GASHAUS: Where have you been playing?

FBT: My next three bookings are in Ibiza, Dubai and Prague.

GASHAUS: Actually you’re going to be playing a little outside of Prague.

FBT: Whatever.

GASHAUS: Thanks for talking.

FBT: You bet.