Jason T and Effen at DXO

Jason T, Effen

Singapore’s club scene has come some way in the past few years, so it’s been said to death by the Straits Times, I-S and Juice, and even in the pages of Think. And what of it? Besides Gayle San, are there really any superstar deejays emanating from this jewel of a city, hopping the globe and putting Singapore on the party map?

Jason T, Effen

The answer is no. That’s because the scene here likes to keep it’s jewels close to home, for the locals to savour, and I for one am glad of it. Let the superstars go to the trouble of airport, hotel, club, airport living. Forget the velvet ropes and chi-chi attitudes, what we want are down-home heroes playing fresh beats in a chill space.

Two such unsung heroes are Jason T and Effen, who have set up residency at the unpretentious DXO down Esplanade way. The pair bookend the evening perfectly, playing fresh music not heard outside a few hipster’s iPods but fabulous none the less. Recently interviewed for a piece on Frontallabs website, Jason shared that he wants to build up a clientele that appreciates what quality electronic music is all about.

“It’s about sharing with the masses, we are after all a club for the masses, so we’re not elitist about the music. The main focus is to give you a good time when you’re here. We appreciate the crowd that appreciates us for our music, and the activities we hold, rather than what we’re not.” Which means he and Effen go that extra mile to bring a fresh sound to the forefront of Singapore’s music scene. One night spent listening to Effen and you know the international status is coming for him soon.

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This August 19th you can catch the duo in action as they spin the beats for Think Magazine and Nightlife.sg‘s Cover Model Search featuring a fashion show of the latest Puma gear, choreographed by MC Models.

Sheik Haikel will be MCing, and the sexy Jim Beam girls will be pouring 500 complimentary shots for the first patrons through the door. In one of the more private corners of the club, the avant garde adult toy purveyors Oohtique will be displaying their scintillating wears and toys for the adventurous to check out. For more details on the evening’s events and how you can enter, check out pages 16 & 17, there’s still time to enter, and with some really fabulous prizes up for grabs it might just be your ticket to stardom!