Evol is upon us…

Evol Intent

The turn of the century has seen many incredible innovations in the production and development of drum n’ bass. Over the past five years the genre has been broken, recast, and mutated into perhaps the most aggressive and visceral manifestation of music today. The Atlanta based artists Evol Intent are among the greatest purveyors of the incendiary, modern jungle sound. Operating as a three piece power troop (comprised of Knick, Gigantor, and the Enemy respectively), they have produced some of the most ephemeral and progressive drum n’ bass to date.

Evol Intent?

The outfit’s uncompromising and inimitable drum tirades left an indelible mark on the U.S. scene and the globe at large. Birthed out of hardcore-punk culture, the trio developed a unique method for wrecking soundsystems.

The Evol Intent approach is unmistakable. It utilizes incredibly dynamic drum mechanics, razor sharp edits, sawtooth synths and an element of discord resonant of their punk youth. In a very short period of time the group has amassed a substantial discography while recording for their own Evol Intent label as well as numerous prestigious imprints such as Renegade Hardware, Outbreak, and Human.

Having begun Evol Intent Recordings in 2000, Knick and Gigantor were determined to create a conduit suitable for their own productions as well as those by friends and like minded producers. Very shortly, the Enemy joined ranks via the internet and eventually relocated to contribute to the growing movement. Armed with several “self produced” releases, a host of regional performances, and recognition by the acclaimed publications Remix and Knowledge – the next level of success was but an imminent conquest.

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Tracks like “Seven Angels for Seven Plagues”, “Red Soil”, and “Where’s the Score” remix began generating serious buzz on the dubplate circuit; which in turn yielded the affection of bona fide artists like Technical Itch and Dylan. In addition to being championed by the genre’s elite, acknowledgement and recognition from the esteemed Trouble On Vinyl music group would soon follow.

With the Evol Intent label’s acquisition of world wide distribution (initially via Alpha Magic), a high exposure 12″ release on Outbreak, and signing to the exalted Renegade Hardware…the group’s incredibly rampant development was unparalleled. Releases on the provocative TOV sub-label, Barcode, and a remix of the Future Cut anthem, “Ghetto Style”, furthered the crew’s burgeoning development. With a compelling amount of quality releases and respect from the media, the trio took their gospel to nearly every corner of the globe. Extensive worldwide touring from Atlanta to Australia embedded the Evol Intent doctrine in the ears and soundsystems of dozens of nations.

Having achieved a degree of accomplishment approaching pinnacle proportions, Evol Intent sees no intention of resting or becoming complacent. Numerous projects with Renegade Hardware and other labels are in the works. The “Us Against the World” LP, Mix CD, and tour have given rise to numerous developments and collaborations… particularly with barcode label mate, Ewun. The addition of the highly anticipated “Police State” EP and a full length artist LP for 2006 have left little to be desired.

Having already graced Dieselboys Human Imprint by contributing to the “Dungeon Master’s Guide” compilation and remixing such high profile artists as BT; the group is preparing to curate a series of collaborative releases featuring the likes of Mayhem and Thinktank. With the assistance of LOAD Media, Evol Intent Recordings is set to release new material by Mumblz, Arsenic, Counterstrike. The label will also feature remix treatment courtesy of techstep stalwart Technical Itch and Milwaukee based phenoms, Gein. The group made its video game debut by virtue of the appearance of two tracks on the coveted EA Sports’ “Need for Speed”.

The three are also constantly working on live rock/punk music endeavors and record numerous rock and hip hop outfits in their Atlanta based studio. And watch the highways and byways for a Van Tour in ’06 featuring Evol Intent and company. Underground superstardom may well be an understatement, but the importance of Evol Intent in contemporary drum n’ bass is simply undeniable. Beats that think, beats that hurt… Evol beats nonetheless.