Enter: Noise Ocean

'10' (itta + Marqido)

'10' (itta + Marqido)

At the Gashaus on Middle Road one sunny June, there was the most awesome showcase of experimental sounds and inventive music artistry, called Enter: Noise Ocean.

Featuring 10, an international duo with their undulating synths and ingenuous sample manipulation. The event also fielded some of the most recognized local noise artists such as Mindfucking Boy and The Escapist Theorist. The full lineup featured some of the best new talents in Singapore, including these gems…

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’10’ (itta + Marqido)

The avante experimental duo ’10’ is ‘Marqido’ from Japan, a laptop noise artist, and ‘itta’ from Korea who plays real voice, synth, effector, melodica, melodion, accordion, piano, organ, toys and miniature traditional instruments of some nations.

Simple and of many of layers, noise and lyrical music, electronic and acoustic music…10 is now touring 10 countries in 1 year.

mindfuckingboy (right)

Creating noise is like being free. Free from everyone’s control.

mind fucking boyFree from conventional boundaries and rules of music which were set by other people.

Music played by Mindfuckingboy is inspired by the nihilistic view on human life, played without much conscious self-control. It’s a way of expressing the most intimate and suppressed feelings that cannot be expressed by words.

“Show me where God is and I still would not believe in him ’cause I am my own God.”


…doesn’t mean anything. Made up from a series of random but coincidental letters. It’s looks like, but not entirely, a word that sounds like, but not quite like, something that can be pronounced. The sound /tunes /music /noise created is exactly the same.

The Escapist Theorist

The Escapist Theorist was formed as an avenue for singer songwriter Marcos Destructos to continue performing songs of his previous band Systemless after they disbanded. Initially playing under the moniker One Man Nation, he has infected the ears of the underground with tours in South East Asia and Europe introducing them to his brand of folksy electronic music with its undeniable punk influence.