Are you thinking what kind of a name is “Embryo”??


Well, according to the founder – singer, songwriter cum guitarist Randolf Arriola (pictured, above), he was inspired by Pink Floyd’s previously unreleased, obscure track of the same name and believes that though the embryo is small, it encases great potential for wondrous dreams. The friendly and eloquent Randolf defines Embryo’s music into the ambient, soundscape, acoustic, psychedelic and post-modern rock genres which together, weave a multi level experience that hopefully touches the head, the heart and the soul.

He can be considered as a music veteran by now, musically self taught and it all began with a band competition way more than two decades ago, and his band then, Blue Horizon broke into the finals. Since then, Randolf has experimented and culled music and instruments of all sorts to formulate a blend and has been performing live all these years, in venues like Sparks and Fire of yesteryear and more recently at Harry’s, Esplanade and the Arts House.

Some of Randolf’s most memorable moments include opening for Sheryl Crow when she performed here in 1995 as part of her world tour. He recalled she and her musicians were supportive of Randolf and his band, Naked at that time. (P.S. – Yes, if you remember, Naked was probably best known for their haunting ballad “Don’t Cry”)

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And, another time when he was the sole musician and back-up vocalist on piano supporting Tommy Page on one of his promo stops here. Randolf is also a producer/engineer and session player who has worked with local and regional indie acts including Padres, Oddfellows and X’Ho and involved in audio commercials and musical productions for big names like Canon and Warner etc.

The Embryo has evolved into a 3-man outfit with all of them taking turns at vocals. There is Randolf who mainly does the acoustic, electric and synthesiser guitars, Wendy Phua who handles the fretted and fretless bass, efx and loops and even incorporating the seemingly mundane everyday equipment like handphones and alarm clocks to add some funk and last but not least, Kenny Hogan who covers drums, percussion and beat programming.

Each of them has their full-time day jobs which are music related and as Randolf gamely and honestly sums up, “You do what you must, to do what you love”. And what they are proficient in and passionate about is making music that they feel good and proud about, not following trends nor being signed to a music label.

And Randolf has word that they plan to compile three more releases this year so hear out! Meanwhile you can catch them in action at Marriott’s Bar None on Feb 27 if you’re keen.