ELLEN ALLIEN & APPARAT Orchestra of Bubbles



Don’t be turned off by the somewhat typical or tired (for electronica, at least) moods suggested by the title, this 2006 release contains some of the most memorable and instantly classic melodic techno in years. Nearly every track builds to a point of irresistably beautiful techno deja vu that might have you wondering if that were the same awesome techno song you heard ten years ago, that is, before noticing the sharply modern nuances to the programming which secure its eternal place above retro and neo-retro as something more pure.

Ellen is young female DJ from Germany who is a modern dance techno act with a respectable discography (a couple albums besides a couple DJ mixes) and growing following, teamed here with Apparat, an apparrent IDM guru who adds a duality to the music which furthers even the most dancable tracks here with the reactionary tension of any well-executed electronic collaboration.

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Aside from a few vocal tracks which I personally enjoyed less than the other ten tracks, the release is focused mainly on fast-paced, building and beautifully ornamented instrumentals only cutting the tempo aside for a couple slower paced tracks on which the shiny synths trademark of the rest of the album are traded for sharp string samples which are slowly embellished into a fine evocative beauty by the end of each track.

This is definitely a highlight of ornate and moody techno, as well as a definite standout for 2006 electronica in general. This release shows that you don’t have to run far from the traditional techno soundscape if your melodic and emotional content is strong enough to celebrate the genre for its original promise and yeild such an indissmissible album as this. Highly reccomended.Reviewed by Jerry