EELS – Beautiful Freak

EELS - Beautiful Freak

Hope has sprung up from Echo Park, California in the form of Eels.

EELS - Beautiful Freak This debut record, Beautiful Freak , is an album that, believe it or not, does not sound like Garbage, Alanis, or anything else out there right now. In this day in age, I hesitate in calling an album a classic but Beautiful Freak is just that. E, the musical messiah of the Eels, can touch even the most jaded musical freak with his haunting sorrow, neglect, danger, apathy, anarchy, and fetid dreams of transparent confusion.

Most of Eels’ songs lead you into the psyche of an irritated man and how this world looks from those burning, piercing eyes. "Novocaine For The Soul" echoes with an aching longing that just can’t be taught in guitar lessons while "Not Ready Yet" shows the diversity that the band can work in.

I feel comfortable listening to this record, like being with an old friend in time of need. I haven’t heard lyrics this stinging and poignant since a little band from Dublin, Ireland released War in 1984. If beautiful freaks are what eels are, then they are definitely friends of mine.