DJ Ulysses

DJ Ulysses

DJ Ulysses is one of the most talented deejays in Hong Kong, and it?s obvious that he?s loved music much since he was very young and has never wavered in this love affair. Now the resident DJ at Beijing Club, he recently shared his thoughts on his craft.

DJ Ulysses

?I?m surprisingly fond of purchasing discs, picking up just the music I liked, without any care of the pricing,? he explains. ?The degree of my love of music reaches to the extreme, every second and minute of my life, music plays a part of it.?

He began fine-tuning his skills by learning stealthily at various club, and strived to save up enough money to buy a turntable of his own. “I practiced playing records daily, night and day, until in my mind I knew every groove and tune on the disc.”

This dedication to deejaying paid off when he won the first runner-up in a local deejaying contest, and clubbers got to know about him gradually, more and more so when he secured an opportunity to participate in a program at New City Radio.

Moving on to greater things, he got his first taste of being a boss by becoming a shareholder at D.R.I.V.E Production, where he started selling vinyl, with the side benefit of having access to an even bigger library of music.

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Later he began performing at the Alibi in Hong Kong?s nightlife hub of Lan Kwai Fong. “I spent a lot of time in preparation, thinking of various possible ways to make the atmosphere pumped up to a summit for the night, making every guest forget about even going home! The effect was really surprisingly fine.”

From that night onwards, he?s worked with Club ING, Dragon-I, Bedroom, and even the well-loved Kee Club. By a happy coincidence he hooked up with Rocky to perform a ladies night, but unfortunately business was actually slow, without any improvement no matter how hard they worked on it.

“At that time I worried a lot and tried every way possible, but it was in vain. However my present boss Rocky fold me that running business is always a long-term play, not a short one, and if only I kept striving something good would could come out of it. This gave me the peace of mind to get it done.”

After being so well encouraged, he put even more effort into working something out, proving himself a capable deejay and promoter. It also developed a deep bond with Rocky, and they?ve stuck together ever since then. From Hei Hei, to Club No.9 to the enormous space of Beijing Club, needless to say, these are the premiere nightspots in Hong Kong.

Even though he hit the big time, his heart was in Hei Hei. At the time, Hei Hei was the hottest night spot at Lan Kwai Fong, “We started to deliver Hip Hop and R&B from eleven at night until four of the next morning, with the aim that songs should never be repeated, so we had to prepare for like six hours a day. Although tiring, watching the stream of happy guests coming in and out made it all worthwhile?? which is why the spirit of Hei Hei lives on in Club Beijing, now the hottest place in town!