DJ Pavel Bidlo

Pavel Bidlo

DJ Pavel Bidlo is one of the most well established names in the Czech music scene, and his gracious nature and skills on the decks have won him fans and audiences all over the world…

Pavel Bidlo

GASHAUS: How has your time in New York been?

BIDLO: I’m just gettting used to it after one year. I’ve met more people there now. I still need a new agency, because America is expensive.?You have to fight for what you are gonna get there, no one is gonna call you to play like here. If you are coming from here, you are surprised that people treat you completley normal there. They call us laid back Europeans. They say “Forget about what happens over in Prague.”

GASHAUS: What happenned to the band scene from a few years back?

BIDLO: Groups are finished. The egos are flying and I would hope that people would have more respect for each other. The History of CZ pop is to get a deal and screw it up. For me things get interesting when people get signed and the pressure is on. If someone gets a deal around me I will be happy to support it and be interested in their success.

GASHAUS: How was your RECENT trip to San Paulo?

BIDLO: Lots of poor people there, but it was very beautiful. You get alot of interest when you are walking around with a camera. They react to music a little differently though, and they listen to alot of trance. You know the beautiful young girl from Praha, LaDiDa, I was asked if she still dating Dimitri from Paris. Or deep house. In NYC its a real DJ lounge scene, and its a lot closer to the people. Sometimes you end up with 10 bucks and a bottle of champagne, but that’s not bad. They think Prague is cool because it close to Moskau. Brazil had Good food and nice people. They go out at 2 in the morning, and inspired by German music in many ways. One DJ played with like 10 drummers and that was pretty cool.

GASHAUS: How about your recordings?

BIDLO: Today I got the good news that I got a call from some people I met in Miami at the music comference. The Deep Dish people really liked my tracks, and they want to release some of them. I still dont believe it, Deep Dish will play Prague next month.

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GASHAUS: What’s your relation to Wax?

BIDLO: They gave to me the deal to work together, and I was leaving and to be able to come back. Its great but I have a lot of work to do over in New York at the moment.

GASHAUS: How did your single come to be?

BIDLO: Wildlife. it has a tribal funky trancey spacy deep sound. These guys like Martin Villaneuve, and the Peace Division sound. I like that. A dirty simple bass sound. Singles are meant to be raw and be played for a short time. When its done you know its done.

GASHAUS: Who are you your favorite DJs at the moment?

BIDLO: I always have respect for the old school but I think Lumiere is playing well, and the Quadrant boys are always good. Darren Emerson is great, Roger Sanchez as well.