Diamond in the yum

DJ Diamond

Darren Ho falls in love with a polished gem… known as DJ Diamond.

DJ Diamond
DJ Diamond

Call me ignorant, but when I heard that DJ Diamond was going to spin at Indochine Wisma for the Amex Masquerade Party, I pictured a cigarette-chugging skinhead who’d look like he was on withdrawal sitting at the DJ console, spinning great music, of course (it is Indochine after all), but still taking the backseat. After googling Diamond, though, I was looking forward to the performance.

Female DJs? I didn’t think they existed, kind of like the weapons of mass destruction, or a straight Tony award winner. And even if they did, I’m not sure they would be great.

Call me chauvinistic, or maybe I’m just kind of stupid, but you don’t see that many women in the DJ-ing business. But I was really impressed Friday night when the lights dimmed, and then burst forth like a cabaret show to reveal a gorgeous blonde who’s a Playboy Playmate, and has a degree in sports medicine, taking the centre of the show.

It was a blast. I have never seen that many old people dancing on the floor, grooving to the sounds of funk and a lady at the console that was partying right along them. It had a very Roxy quality to it that night. “The DJ act today cannot be only about spinning great music anymore.

Anyone with a computer can pick up the rudiments of DJ-ing, so if you want to be a popular and successful DJ, you have to make your act unique and more exciting.” Diamond can definitely do that. “Female DJs have an edge in the area of performance, though they don’t usually get as much street cred, because well, they’re female.” Add the title of Playmate, and you get a DJ that’s not always employed for her skills.

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Diamond tells us about an incident a while back, while she was on a Playmate DJ tour. Spinning around the US, she had to perform at a club with the audience screaming for hip-hop music. Hmmm. “I don’t spin hip-hop.” she says emphatically. “Not now, not ever.” But that incident has since been thrown back in the past, and her success in South Africa, where she performed for an audience of 15,000, has brought back the thrill of DJ-ing.

“You had to be there to see, to feel the energy and excitement of the audience. It just feeds you, drives you to perform better. It’s an adrealine rush unlike any other. I cannot imagine doing anything else ever! I’m going to be the first grandma DJ in the business!”

In fact, Diamond just finished production on her first album, where she worked with her younger sister, Maxesterr, who was the vocalist for the record. “I’m really very excited about it. This is something that I’ve never done before, and I’ll be touring soon to promote my record, which will be out on the racks soon.” The CD racks, of course, not her rack. Tsk.

Given her active lifestyle and busy schedule, it’s hard to imagine her as married. “I had the fairy tale marriage. I wedded my high school sweetheart. He’s an artist, and for our tenth anniversary, he designed me a ring!” It’s a beautiful ring with a record spinner. No need for a diamond, of course, it already adorns the finger of one. “He’s wonderful, and he’s completely comfortable with the fact that I am a Playmate. He’s so proud of me, and I’m really happy that he’s so supportive. He’s great.”

Diamond will be in Hawaii enjoying a rest with her family as we go to print, but she has assured me that she’ll be back soon, not just for the tour, but also for the shopping! “It’s fantastic!” she says, giddy with excitement. “I would come back just for the shopping alone!” We look forward to watching this perfect cut in action in Singapore soon.