Crowned King

crowned king

A phenomenon in Canada since the late 90’s, Crowned King are now running a chainsaw through audiences worldwide with their kinetic blend of, ’70s rock, 80’s punk, ’90s garage and good-old-fashioned attitude…

crowned kingFor the many thousands who’ve been lucky enough to witness, the band is on its Far East Tour with shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Indonesia and Singapore!

Crowned King onstage, “mayhem” is the only possible way to describe what happens when Jonny Biggs on trombone, Ryan on guitar, Adam on bass Chris on drums and vocalist Shaun throw-down.

Since 2003, when the band’s sophomore album Break the Silence was first released on Aquarius Records /EMI, Crowned King have played over 350 shows in North America.

Each show more insane than the last.

In their travels, Crowned King has played along side The Distillers, Sum 41, Alexisonfire, Goldfinger, Papa Roach, Jimmy Eat World, Fishbone, and many more.

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Each Crowned King show inevitably pumps new meaning into the term “high energy,” leaving the band members bloody and scarred and the audience frantically begging for more.

“Our music is like a punch to the face,” says Shaun, “Our shows are a complete spectacle. You can do pretty much whatever you want at a Crowned King show – and you should!”

With the release of Break The Silence, it’s obvious to anyone with ears that this is the dawn of a new era – not just for Crowned King, but for rock and roll itself. Few who heard the album could resist the infectious allure of songs like ‘Don’t Wanna Go’, ‘One in a Million’, and ‘A Song About Death’. The world is falling victim to Crowned King’s musical assault, and you’re next. You have been targeted. There’s nowhere left for you to run. Get down. Get dirty.

Get Crowned King.