Club Rico’s Soul Train

Ricardo Jones

Reflections on the clubbing life by Ricardo Jones…

Ricardo Jones
Ricardo Jones (left) and Big J

We started this back in England, in the late 80’s, I think it was 1988 after our two sound systems were overloaded with bookings.?The only problem we had at that time was we were all working too much and we lived in South West London, where the only venue we could get was 160 miles in the north in a little town called Preston. But the venue was very nice, a club named Appleby’s.

The club owner said we could have one Wednesday a month, so we took it, called the night Appleby’s Soul Night, and what surprise us was that while we were only known in London, this event attracted people from all over the country with only promotion by word of mouth.

As the parties became more and more popular we needed to secure a larger venue, which was more difficult for us because we would have to move closer to London and all clubs had strict programs. However, we found one in Nottingham which was kind of OK for a while, but then the club changed conditions which were not good for us.

Then we were back to London looking for venue, renting a house in Acton and had our party every weekend, it was called Club Rico’s 157. It was like a dream for us as it was now so easy. After one and a half years the club promoters took to us like fishes to water, and the road forward was easy.?In 1998 Radost asked for some event, once per week, on a week day that will bring people to the club on a regular basis; we made Soul Train. It started on Tuesday May 5 1998 and with 4 DJ’s and 1 MC (DJ MC Ray, DJ Ama- 12 play, DJ Lucifer, DJ Big J and Rico) we brought the vibe to Prague!

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Together, we created a new buzz and exciting entertainment for a Tuesday night; this was good for Radost and also for us. A few months later DJ Special K join the team and there was no stopping the Soul Train. While we’ve always been trying to have a weekend for this instead Thursdays, which is not bad, but difficult for some of the regulars.

Now BIG J is the resident DJ keeping Club Rico’s fresh and entertaining. In our four years we have had the international flair of DJ’s like DAZ-I-QUE, JB, FUNKY B, DREAD POET, T-MONEY, ANDY G, MIKI G-fly, who are not only excellent DJ’s but also producers in the UK.

Club Rico’s Soul Train is based on R&B music, and as we enter our fifth year we will enter it newly renamed as just CLUB RICO’S. We’ll play a little more 2 step mix with the R&B, hoping to attract more people who want to party and enjoy good music. Through our four years at Radost we have build a large following which gives us an attendance each month of around 1300 people, which is why it is the most successful regular event ever.

The party will continue and we’ll bring it on stronger, With Big j and Rico creating a unique style of entertainment with the support of the many guest DJ’s. Look for the club Rico’s tour with Radost and our regular bunch of madmen.

Our fourth year Anniversary party will be held on Thursday 02 – 05 -2002, and we want to see you there! Club Rico’s (if it moves, funk it), is powered by Rotations, London Fun bunch, Bugs in the Attic, JR promotions (UK) and Buzz Entertainment (UK); we all just want to thank you for the wonderful years, and to tell you that it wouldn’t have been a party without YOU!