Citizens of Ice Cream

citizens of ice cream

This talented Indie band hails from Malaysia…

citizens of ice cream?

As the first notes of the first track permeated my cognisance, 4 words – Explosions in the Sky – simultaneously entered it as well. 4 tracks and slightly after 20 minutes later (the length of their demo), I found myself still unable to shake off the comparison, a mixture of familiarity and uncertainty lingering in its wake.

Given, it is extremely hard for a band to set themselves apart from the rest in their genre nowadays, and even if they did, a whole slew of others would follow suit after them anyway, for the vicious cycle to repeat itself again, seemingly never to end.

Juxtaposition aside, it is indeed an admirable effort for a demo; the sort of tunes that seem to meld into one long lullaby, for those days when one just feels like lazily rolling around in bed long after the sun comes up, and for those days when one desires nothing but a semblance of tranquillity from the harsh realities of life – respite, if you will.

As with a lot of bands in the experimental/ambient genre, Citizens of Ice-Cream are the stuff dreams are made of, unoriginality ignored and hence notwithstanding.

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Citizens of Ice Cream

As track after track skirt around your conscious mind (and your subconscious, even), you allow yourself to be manipulated by the sweet sounds of the synthesiser as you surrender to its lush instrumentation, the guitars at the same time assimilating itself into the aural assault – one, two, what? – as you gradually find yourself to be incapable of all coherent thought.

Shakespeare’s line “To sleep, perchance to dream” does not apply for bands like Citizens of Ice-Cream, as you pop in the disc into your stereo or your computer and observe that dreamland does not seem very far away indeed, and as you close your eyes and put yourself in the right frame of mind, it is almost akin to meditation.

Savour it – bit by bit – lick it and enjoy its taste just like how you would an ice cream. Go along for the ride and see where you end up in; it might be somewhere very exciting. Hopes and desires, they make up Citizens of Ice-Cream.