CELESTIAL Hong Kong Dub Station

Popping in this CD is like taking a mini-vacation to faraway and exotic destinations, and having samples of every great song all rolled into one, from traditional Irish tunes, translated into Thai and backed by a Nepalese trio, to Japanese flutes mixed with reggae b-side dub rhythms and blended with sitars, erhus, and even harmonicas! If you’re a fan of dub then you’ll love Celestial, a Hong Kong based collective who have produced a series of albums since 1996, and was conceived by Peter Millward, co-founder of Drum Music, Hong Kong’s premier production house.

His latest release, Hong Kong Dub-Station, is a masterful blending of reggae, drum’n’bass, downtempo and the punk beat with a unique Asian signature, using samples like the weather and temple sounds to give it extra mood, ensuring that you WILL be hitting the replay button on your MPIO player. Give it a listen and you can just feel Peter’s background making sexy lush tunes for the hottest boutiques in Hong-Kong, fusing feelings and vibrations as only an old-school chill-out music lover from London can do.

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“This year I brought a lot of my old vinyl from the ’70’s out to Hong Kong, which is mainly Punk and Reggae,” he was recently quoted as saying, “and although there’s not a lot of Punk influence on this album, I did end up playing a lot more guitar and bass than before. I also worked with Shakuhachi Master Sunny Yeung to create some new tracks from improvisation – and Sur Sudha’s new Sitar player (the last one had a bizarre gardening accident), Professor Tara Bir, solos like Jimi Hendrix – in fact it’s a bit of a Freestyle Sitar Odyssey…”

My fave pick on the release has to be ‘Who knows?’ featuring the haunting voice of Angelita Li. But know this… each song has it’s own specialness that makes the whole CD such a joy. If you like 4-Hero, Orb, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Junior Marvin, and the Cafe Del Mar series, you’ll want to make this part of your collection. (www.hongkongdubstation.com)