Cee-Rock rocks…



Cee-Rock “The Fury”, or Fury as he is known to his friends and colleagues, is no new-comer to the Hip Hop scene…

Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, Fury has his roots in “Hip Hop Central”. Fury is featured on Sweden’s George remix of ‘The Things You Do’ (Written by Denniz Pop & Max Martin which hit the Top 40 in Sweden. That same track became an import hit in the U.S. and was ranked by Billboard at No. 37.

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“The Fury” has been seen on MTV with Ananda Lewis, free styled with the Rap Coalition (sponsored by Wendy Day); performed at the Apollo Theater; Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels and Crazy Sam; Underground Ruff House with Uncle Jesse Barnes and can be seen in NAS’ video ‘Hate Me Now’, featuring Puff Daddy.

cee-rock the fury]The Fury EP is worth purchasing for the inclusion of Juttla’s remix of International Spittin’ alone.

The title track from late’s International Rhyme Spittin’ morphs itself into a cultured east of the River Nile tune with a succulent baseline and unruly use of percussion. Cee-Rock doesn’t quite live up to the title of ‘Certified Party Wrecker’, but it’s a solid track largely because it subtly invites old school elements into the mix.

Anderson Iz Nice opens the EP with a piano line that has an attractively lilting air to it. The dense baseline provides an ideal base for Cee-Rock’s lispy and bouncy rhyming. Dialect: Ridiculous is the only mildly weak spot on a delightful EP that is a mighty ad for Cee-Rock’s debut album Bringin’ Da’ Yowzah!!! Which was recently released on !Handzup! / Turmic Records in Scandinavia and is distributed by The Orchard in the US, Guerrilla Warfare Entertainment in Africa and Granted Distribution / Crown Recordings Group in Europe.

The highly acclaimed album features Promoe [of Looptroop] (SE), Late [of Villains] (UK), 10Shott [of Vicious Circle] (UK), Mikey D [formerly of Main Source] (USA), Tah Phrum Duh Bush (USA) and Coole High (USA).

Cee-Rock “The Fury” has toured in the US, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Austria. Fury has collaborated on over 20 albums, singles and mix tapes. He will be releasing a new album with the Hungarian Hip-Hop / D’n’B prince, Marcel in 2006. Cee-Rock “The Fury” is signed to Turmic Records and is the Head of A&R for the Hip-Hop / Soul / Urban sub-label !Handzup!