Cee-Lo sings F*ck You to all them gold digging women who done a man wrong


Nothin’ like the hazy lazy daze of Autumn to reminisce about having your heart broken by gold-diggin’ flames gone by…


And since its the chillaxin’ days of summer, you might be excused for having not heard this groovin’ new hit from one Mr. Cee Lo… until now.

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Following his latest cooperative project extraordinaire with Deejay/Producer Danger Mouse, Cee-Lo has completed his last album, a masterpiece entitled Lady Killer and has delivered a heaping plateful of pure fracking amazingness which pushes the boundaries of not only Hip Hop music (ala Goodie Mob; Outkast)… but stretches them wide into the territories of Soul and Retro and that Motown sound as well.

Presently heating up the hot hot summer’s airwaves and the world’s broadband connections with what some have called "the greatest love song in the history of the world" the provocatively titled "F*ck You" is an infectious blend of that classic Retro Soul sound in a catchy Pop-Infused formula while keepin’ it 100% real. You can feel his pain and agony in lyrics as he commensurates over that gold digging schemer every one of us has fallen in love with at one time or another.

There’s really no words to describe the pure awesomeness that is this song, but a quick listen is all you need to know what I say is true. His profile says he’s been busy networking and promoting, as well as working on the "official" video, but he has blessed us with a graphical clip with typography that makes my graphic designing heart smile from ear to ear, as he breaks down the lyrical tale that is "F*ck You" for all to see and enjoy (and enjoy you will).