BUFFALO DAUGHTER – Captain Vapour Athletes

BUFFALO DAUGHTER - Captain Vapour Athletes

At last, here’s a Japanese pop band that doesn’t wear its nationality on its sleeve…

BUFFALO DAUGHTER - Captain Vapour Athletes

Not to knock the other unmentionables, but after about four or five broken English songs, the cuteness often sort of slips away. Buffalo Daughter are creative, talented, clever, serious, and they know when to turn on the charm and when to rock out – whether it’s electronic techno or guitar flanges.

Sugar, Moog, and Yumiko comprise this trio, utilizing turntables, guitars, 303 (like a good techno soldier), bass, and vocals – a progressive mosh of both unconventional and very conventional instruments. “Kelly” ‘is a great number and “Li303VE” is a hybrid smash of fine techno (ala 303) with cool and wispy female vocals.

One could use numerous colorful, fruity and positive adjectives to describe the music, but I rather simply say prescribe…

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