BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE If 60’s Were 90’s

If Jimi Hendrix had not died after only three studio albums with The Experience, he, not The Beatles, would be regarded as the most influential recording artist of all time. The group Beautiful People confirms the notion.

The band, hailing from London where the quintet originally ran rave clubs, has put together an extraordinary, five star recording of Hendrix samples combined with a 90’s version of tripped out, mind blowing, psychedelic dance tunes.

Both Jimi’s vocals and godly guitar grooves are borrowed, and then synthesized amazingly well into group-leader Du Kane’s funky rhythms.

Luke Baldry has done a tremendous job of programming the tracks which include numerous elements from as many as up to seven Hendrix songs at once. If ever an engineer deserved an award, Baldry does. The sampling is crisp and clean and placed with precision.

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“Get Your Mind Together” rates as the album’s best swinger in a field of very heavy hitters. Other great numbers include “Comin’ To Get You,” “Sock It To Me,” and “Feel The Heat.” If 60’s Were 90’s is cool whether you’re a club-hopping raver or a born-again hippy, and in either case, it?s an excellent ride to the center of your blitz-o-ed mind.

Eric Clapton gave the group’s effort a “thumbs up” and if Beautiful People (whose name is inspired by Ken Kesey’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) isn’t Hendrix himself reincarnated, he too would have approved. After all, Hendrix is the best that ever lived.

And least I forget, the jewel-box alternative packaging is both plastic-reducing, which should make the environmentalists happy, and effectively efficient, which should keep the rest of us satisfied, it fits in our existing CD racks.

Now, if only we could only get Beautiful People to bring back Jim Morrison.