The heavily anticipated fifth major offering from the BBs is a superbly contoured hip-hop record. With 22 tracks on 1 disc, Hello Nasty delivers the beats, especially in light of the recent hip-hop trend of releasing double-CDs of middling tracks (see Wu-Tang, Tupac). Their last record, Ill Communication, hit huge in ’94 on the back of Sabotage and Root Down, and Hell Nasty should be similarly well recieved.

Overall, the album flows well, uptempo with loads of old school lyrics and totally lacking in that pretentiousness that modern hip-hop seems to be afflicted with. DJ Mix Master Mike, from the Invisible Scratch Pickles, is all over this album. Throwing out soaring, tripped out samples, this fourth force compliments the trio’s vocals and really shines when Hello Nasty blasts through the headphones.

Sure, the album comes unstuck a few times, but with 22 tracks, that is easily forgivable. It’s all there, but don’t just take my word for it, hit the Beasties webpage ( and sample the few tracks offered there for yourself.

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