Bad Obsession: Knock ‘Em Dead!

bad obsession

Fueled by the raw attitude of what was rock and roll in the swingin’ 80s, Bad Obsession is a relatively new band less than half a year old – formed in September 2006, to be exact – and is looking to be rather promising indeed…

bad obsessionInspired by legendary hair metal bands such as Skid Row and Motley Crue, the band aspires “to bring the very best of the sunset strip”and play irreverent in-your-face music, threatening to break barriers and

Will they become the Next Big Thing? Will they manage to bring back hair metal from the dead? Only time will tell, and Gashaus brings you an exclusive interview with lead guitarist Dong.

Firstly, Bad Obsession is made up of Gordon S.Leaze (Vocals), Dong (Lead Guitar), Joe Suicide (Drums), Evigan (Rhythm Guitar) and Ary (Bass). Read on.

GASHAUS: Just to start things off, perhaps you should tell the ignoramuses among us more about how Bad Obsession came about, who plays what in the band and why you formed Bad Obsession?

DONG: You can say that Dong, Gordon and Evigan were really close friends from way back and we picked up Joe from the classified ads and Ary came about when he replaced original bassist Chris. We formed the band mainly for the love of hair metal and rock and roll. We love how the music sounds and love playing the music. As our slogan says,”Putting the SIN in SINgapore”. That was a big part of why we wanted to do this, and that is to bring hair metal back to the current generation.

GASHAUS: I have to ask this with every band I talk to: how did you guys come up with the name Bad Obsession?

DONG: The name Bad Obsession was something that Gordon came up with. The meaning of Bad Obsession reflects things that we shared at the point when the name was formed. (I won’t say what though because it’s quite confidential). It is also the title track of a Guns N Roses song although the song has no relation to the reason behind our band name.

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GASHAUS: How would you describe the sound of Bad Obsession?

DONG: I would say Bad Obsession plays music that you don’t want your kids to listen to! (Nah, just kidding!)

I guess our sound reflects very much on the sounds that were once big back in the 80s. Vocal screams, fast paced rock, even faster guitars. A lot of people have come up to us saying that we give them the Motley Crue and Skid Row vibe, and as much as it warms my heart to hear that because those two bands are practically legends to us, I think Bad Obsession aims to have its own style and structure in its songs. If u listen to our first release titled Cruel Curves, you can even hear thrash beats at the end of the song.

GASHAUS: What are your songs about, mostly? Who’s in charge of writing songs?

DONG: Every member has a big part in writing songs. It may not be the primary source of contribution but I believe that every member has his own style and when put together it becomes the Bad Obsession sound.

We always try to put our own stories into the music. Like for Cruel Curves, it’s a song about sluts that sleep around and cheat on their boyfriends. That particular song was done mostly by Gordon and myself, I think at the age of 19 and 18 respectively. We have a lot of friends who got cheated on and have also met girls ourselves who are like that and thus that was how the whole song came about.

It is perfectly cool if you are looking for a good time but we think it is totally wrong if you’re committed in a relationship and then you go sleeping around. That’s bad!!! We hope these sluts all get STDs and die! (Heh).

GASHAUS: What image do you think the music of Bad Obsession conveys?

DONG: I can’t really say what we convey because that’s for others to say – it’s what they perceive us to be, and it is all very subjective. However, I would have to say what we stand for is really to have a great time, not standing for unreasonable authority, doing things that make us happy and living life to the fullest.

GASHAUS: Who are Bad Obsession’s musical influences?

DONG: The bands that we look up to and that have made a big difference in our lives definitely are Skid Row, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and probably every other rock and roll band out there!

GASHAUS: Tell us about a typical Bad Obsession live performance. Any particular incident that you found especially memorable?

DONG: A typical Bad Obsession show would mean a moshpit, lots of head banging, a totally wild balls-to-the-wall set and lots of booze. No drugs though. We don’t do drugs.

Actually, we have been imposed with a whole load on restrictions with every single show that we have played to date. For example, we’ve been banned from playing certain songs, have been advised not to use profanities, and have been told to keep the crowd in check (which is really hard because we cannot tell the crowd what to do or what not to do).

I guess every show has been memorable for us and it’s pretty hard to pick out a particular incident. But for me I guess it would have been the show we did at DXO. Reason being that we had people telling us that they had to queue for 2 hours just to get in to the club to watch us. So that dedication really touched me deeply.

GASHAUS: What are the long-term goals for Bad Obsession? Any plans to start recording soon?

DONG: We are already in the studios right now. We just finish our first single Cruel Curves and you can check it out on our MySpace site. We are currently writing more songs and we hope to be able to release an EP in due time.

GASHAUS: Major label or independent label? Why?

DONG: I guess both do have its own pros and cons. But the main thing is that they can take care of the needs of the band and that is probably the most important thing a band should look at. Not how big or how small the label is.

GASHAUS: How easy / hard do you think it is to get exposure for your band?

DONG: I would say it’s a little bit of both. It hasn’t been easy because we are relatively new and haven’t been out there long enough for people to really notice our music. But the amazing thing is that we have been approach by an independent radio station in the US asking if we are willing to work with them and have just recently we received a message from Kuala Lumpur asking if we are interested to do a show with them over in Malaysia. Also, it has been really great because we have made a lot of great friends whom are helping us promote the band and that means a great deal to us.

GASHAUS: What has been the highlight(s) / low point(s) of being in Bad Obsession to date?

DONG: The highlights are definitely the friendships that have bonded in the band and also meeting so many new people that have made a significant difference in our lives. Other highlights would also be watching our friends get dead drunk after our shows, watching a moshpit take place right before our eyes and knowing that we are in control of it. Most importantly – playing the music we love!

We haven’t really had much low points besides the fact that we always get blamed for being a bad influence on others.

GASHAUS: What is Bad Obsession currently up to?

DONG: We’re writing more songs and we are also doing studio work right now. We’re also hoping to play as many shows as we can so gig organizers who are reading this, please give us a call!

GASHAUS: Any new bands / new music that you feel our readers should check out?

DONG: Hmm, one of the newer bands that I like is this band called Crash Diet. They are a glam rock band that came out with their debut album not long ago but it’s pretty unfortunate that the singer passed away not long after. Nevertheless they are a pretty cool band to check out!

GASHAUS: Last but not least, any shout outs / last words?

DONG: Cheers to everyone that read up till these last lines. And a big sincere thank you to all who believe in us and are supporting us. Keep the rock and roll alive!

Lastly, please check out /badobsessionband for music and also regular updates on the band!