Aziza Mustafa Zadeh's

An album I want to tell you about is Aziza Mustafa Zadeh’s Dance of Fire.

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Aziza Mustafa Zadeh's This lovely lady plays and sing for us accompanied by crème de la crème All Di Meola (guitar) Bill Evans (sax) Stanley Clark(bass), Omar Hakim (drums). A well-produced album of not-too-easy-to-listen-to rather serious music. Compositions (thanks to her classical education) are such that it was only logical to call for All Di Meola whose technique and precision are legendary.

Also Stanley Clark fits perfectly into Zadeh’s formula. Yes, I must agree it’s very well played music, played with unusual easiness and fundamental craftsmanship. First sung number "Bana bana gel" reminds me of old "Return to forever" (Chick Corea’s jazz-rock band).

I like the oriental feel in her singing and dig Evans’s sax solo, not to mention Omar Hakim’s exploding drums. A lovely "Shadow? composition follows, although emotional, it is almost a celestial soulful piece. "Carnival", the sixth number, has again an RTF feel to it and Zadeh proves yet again that she is practicing a lot, her piano solo is very well played. The ninth composition is packed with extraordinary energy, perfect job!

The weakest spot is when the "To be Continued" theme is played with certain unsureness, until the solo, then it goes like a rocket! This final composition is in sort of sentimental mood. All in all this is an album you can’t listen to all the time, but when you find the right time it will pay off! And you will enjoy it a lot I’m sure. I’m giving four stars.

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