AUDIOWEB Fireworks City


no-exitAudioweb are the latest soul warriors desperately trying to provide a cross-cultural soundtrack to their hometown’s mean streets of Manchester. The aim is fair enough: Audioweb as a modern-day Clash, effortlessly fusing issues and musical genres. It’s just that shorn of The Clash’s style and flaming polemic, all that’s left is a band with its heart in the right place. ‘Fireworks City’ is their second album, and it retains all the outdated hallmarks that characterized its predecessor. What should be cutting edge is already old-fashioned. Sirens and helicopters collide with random scratching, house beats slap against synthesised strings, and still the best you can say about songs like ‘Get Out Of Here’ and ‘Personal Feelings’ is they’re tuneful, but undemanding. Not quite the riot it should be.

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