Ask no questions of DJ Inquisitive

Leon Ho

Lean Ho, aka DJ Inquisitive, may be young but he is no new kid on the block. Awing the crowds at Club Home, MoS, Attica and more, this “In Da Mix” competition winner recently was declared the DJ Jam Battle Champ at the SingTel Singapore Street Festival. His ability to serve the jammingist Hip Hop beats means you will be moving it on the dancefloor. Gashaus will now feed your inquisitive mind…

Leon Ho?

GASHAUS: What genre does your music fall into, and why this genre?

Hiphop/Turntablism. Because it isn’t just music, it’s a culture. I love the vibe it emits: it’s really music from the heart.

GASHAUS: So how did you get started?

Other than DJing, I also did aggressive inline skating. Back in 2000, I was watching a lot of inline skating videos, and the soundtracks to these videos were all the underground hiphop music. I fell in love with the kind of music, and my interest grew deeper and deeper into the genre. Most of the songs had scratching noises in it.

I was curious back then and went to ask around if they were DJ classes in Singapore. After searching for awhile, I came across this shop called Audiosports – that’s where I started my first lesson. I was taught by Andrew Chow and soon got my first set of turntables and mixer. From there, I practiced at home almost everyday and joined my very first DJ Battle.

GASHAUS: Do you get nervous about how the public will receive your work?

No, I do my best and am passionate about my art. Opinions are mind over matter. I don’t mind, and they don’t matter.

GASHAUS: Describe a challenge faced at the biggest event you’ve performed at so far.

At the DMC World DJ Championship Final at the Hammersmith Palais in London. The challenge was to overcome my “kan chiongness” (Hokkien for nervous), as there were thousands of people watching me.

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GASHAUS: How about on a normal work night at Cocco Latte?

Making sure the different kinds of crowds are enjoying the same kind of music.

GASHAUS: What’s your favourite and worst part about the job?

I get to meet interesting people, play what I like to play and be appreciated by the people on the dance floor. The worst part is having a lot of requests for ridiculous songs, being offered lots alcoholic drinks by drunk patrons, and having many sleepless nights.

GASHAUS: Do you intend to DJ full-time?

Most definitely, if given the opportunity – why not?

GASHAUS: Tell us something about this job that the average Joe wouldn’t know.

It takes a lot of effort, time and practice to be on top of things.

GASHAUS: When mixing, where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from all kinds of good music: I watch videos of other DJs as well as artists and musicians. By being motivated through the videos, I’ll take my time to dig for the right beats, samples, sounds to be included in my routines/sets.

GASHAUS: And your top 3 favourite DJs?

D-styles, because of his dope cuts. Rafik, because of his unique style. And the C2C DJs, because they are very entertaining and musical. I get motivated and inspired every time after watching them.

GASHAUS: Any mixes or track lists you’re working on now?

I’m currently working on my official mix-tape and hopefully, a battle record next year. Currently, I’m focused on my upcoming routines for 2007, school and my daily dosage of scratchin’.

GASHAUS: Where do you see yourself heading into the future?

I’m taking it slowly as the days goes by…I plan to study first and hopefully, do my own beats in the near future.

GASHAUS: Give us your take on the scene in Singapore.

It’s still growing, and it’s lovely to see that.

GASHAUS: If there was one local artist you could collaborate with, who would it be, and why?

It would be an honour to collaborate with any local talent because I strongly support the local arts scene.

GASHAUS: Lastly, why ‘Inquisitive’?

My friends used to ask, “Why am I so inquisitive?” As I like to ask a lot of questions. That’s how I got my name. Aha.

P.S: Contact him at for gigs.