ASH 1977

ASH 1977
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ASH 1977In 1996, Ash was three teenage speed freaks playing the main stage of Glastonbury festival the day after their lost A-level exams.

Pepped up on cheap booze and a youthful wide-eyed pursuit of fun, they headed into the studio and produced 1977, an album of breakneck speed singles, teenage heartbreak and bonafide fuzzed-up classics.

The singles “Girl From Mars”, “Oh Yeah” and “Angel Interceptor” soundtracked a thousand summers but nostalgia isn’t necessary here. 12 years on they are still perfect in every way; timeless fresh faced sunshine pop.

This three disc package comes with two thrilling live sets, their original Trailer mini-album and a whole OD of rarities and B-sides, making this equally the best look back for former fans and newcomers alike.