Are you emo?

are you emo? feeling angst

“E [for emo] is a scarlet letter across a guitar strap – a mark of shame or a reason to beg off and plead ignorance…

are you emo? feeling angst

Being emo kid is kinda like being in the KGB – everyone know who they are, but no one admits anything…” Emo, short form of “emotional hardcore,” used to refer to a genre of music but nowadays, the term has become an insult and is apparently quite dangerous. According to a news report by the Straits Times, citizens are concerned with “their youth’s ‘very dangerous’ emo behaviors.” Apparently what used to be considered a fad has “turned deadly.”

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One US cop describes the emos as “the kids that don black hair covering one eye to see the world in a half view.”

They earn their emo stripes by gaining points on the emo scale; status on this scale is delivered by “the more cuts, the more pills, and the more they talk about suicide.” But what defines the quintessential emo? Is being emo such a bad thing? Stereotypically emo kids are wispy, oversensitive teenagers who cry a lot and cut themselves.

Here’s the short list of what you need to demonstrate your inner emo. Your mantra should be, “nobody understands me” (repeat if needed). It should become ingrained in your mind. Remember angst is a way of life. “Emotions are the key to being emo. Act like your kitten just died, and you don’t have a damn friend in the whole wide world. When people ask you how you feel, you should reply with the following adjectives: morose, empty, bitter, lost, aloof, distant, sad, heartbroken.”

Owning a guitar may help you express yourself in a way that nobody will understand. Strumming ballads that include stories of childhood letdowns and dying puppies are vital. “Project an air of coolness with your whiny depressive attitude and those preppy clothes that you bought from the thrift store, [and you will be] well one your way to becoming an emo. “Clothing is fairly important in this way of life. Wearing undersized clothing is imperative; a nostalgic cartoon character here and there never did the world any harm.

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“Make sure that you are underweight enough so that you will be able to fit into a child’s t-shirt. Show your inner despair by looking like you are too sad to eat.?Obesity and emos do NOT mix. Black rimmed glasses are good for the ‘geek chic’ look.”?

Forget name brands; stop buying Nike, they support sweatshops anyways. Lastly Converse (ironically owned by Nike) shoes are at the height of emo style.Stereotypes aside, emo is not about looking a certain way or even being sad.

Andy Greenwald, in his book entitled Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers and Emo, defines emo as “…seeking a tangible connection out of intangible things. It’s the painting that you stare at because it makes you calm; it’s the book you read and re-read every year because it reminds you of childhood.”

So long as there are feelings, feelings that people believe nobody else will understand, there will be emo; it’s not such a horrible thing after all.?

Barbara Otoo is a student writer.?