Ara Byrd flies the coop

ara byrd

Spunky little “Miss Hip Hop She Don’t Stop” has been surrounded by music all her life.

ara byrdHer parents were managing the likes of Sheila Majid and Zainal Abidin back when Arafah was a little kid who insisted on being an extra in every music video. As a teen who was heavily influenced by Hip Hop, she recorded her first demo at 15.

At 17, Arafah spent the next few years collaborating with Too Phat, Ella, Sasi the Don, Camelia and Ahli Fiqir among others. As a performer, she has opened for Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys, Spiritual South (UK), Mad Mats (Sweden) and Black Eyed Peas in KL and Singapore.

As a fashion enthusiast who is active in the scene, she has specialized in performances at glamorous fashion events.