Aoki is A-OK

Aoki Takamasa

Aoki Takamasa

Aoki Takamasa is one of Japan’s busiest and freshest young electronic artists today. His sensitivity to melody and groove, coupled with his approach to live performance, keeps his music warm, emotive and engaging…

Aoki’s live music performances have been critically acclaimed in Japan and internationally. Since his first album, Silicom (2001), he has been reviewing his personal methodology and creating mainly computer / software-based sounds that extend the limits of musical expression. Unlike the many artists who rely on the computer’s functional convenience in live performances today, Aoki pushes his creativity through his tools.

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Of late, Aoki has used his own voice in his work and expanded his scope.

He has released an album in collaboration with Tujiko Noriko on Fat Cat Records, challenged the norm for 4 / 4 rhythm minimal tracks with his op. disc releases, recorded a cover of The Beatles’ ‘I Will’ for the BBC Radio One show One World, and completed a joint-production with a contemporary dancer /image writer from Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media. His seminal release Private Party is a must have for any serious music lover’s collection.

Free your mind and come groove, move or just chill to a music palette of glitch, minimal techno, electronica, IDM and more from Aoki Takamasa.