ANBERLIN Never Take Friendship Personal

anberlin album cover

anberlin album cover

I often go through phases where I just decide I need new CD’s. I would go on Purevolume, and browse the top bands. If I heard anything I liked I would go out and buy their CD. I know this is a bad habit but I can’t help it. And just so you know, I haven’t bought a CD in about 2 and a half weeks. So I’m doing pretty good. But anyway, I came across a five-piece band from Florida called Anberlin.

I heard their song “A day late”, and instantly fell in love. Right after I heard it, I rushed down to the CD store and picked it up. The song, “A day late”, was the fifth song on the album, so I just decided that I would listen from the start of the album. I hated what I heard. I was expecting this upbeat punk album. What I found was this hard-emo type genre. but since I am a huge fan of Tooth and Nail records, I gave it another chance and listened to it quite a bit to see if they are really good at the music they play.

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I grew to love every single song on the album as much as I originally loved “A day late”. Anberlin blends so many different styles into this album, Never Take Friendship Personal. Just with the first 5 songs you get a little taste of everything. The first song, “Never Take Friendship”, portrays an anger inspired feel. The lyrics ,”Gun, rope, brick on the way”, remind me of Senses Fail’s From the Depths of Dreams.

The second track and single, “Paperthin Hymn”, shows off original guitar riffs as well as some pure emo/rock, It is also in this song that you first really hear lead singer, Stephen Christian’s voice, which is in my opinion, the best vocalist in the punk rock world. In “Stationary, Stationary”, the second track, the mood seems to lighten up. Once again, this track shows off more originality. Skip ahead to the next track, “A Symphony of Blase”, and you will find the mood changed once again. This song shows Anberlin’s soft side, this is a beautiful song all around.

This brings us to the long-awaited fifth track, “A day late”, this is just a sick song, and shows the bands true upbeat style. Once again, I am amazed by the pure vocals, truly amazing. So as you can see, Anberlin portrays many styles, moods, and genres. If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that I am all about variation. This passes my test by far. Never take friendship personal, Is not going to receive a 5 by me because I think it is a typical genre. They did do a wicked nice job standing out from the rest of the emo punk rock bands. I am going to recommend it strongly. Make sure that if you preview the album, listen to more than one song. Actually that doesn’t really matter because you will love it anyway.