ABSTRACT PHUNKATECK - Left Coast Chronicles

This excellent product from the San Francisco drum n’ bass scene is one of the best mixed CD’s I’ve heard.

ABSTRACT PHUNKATECK - Left Coast Chronicles

Abstract from the BASS Kru starts off this bad ass CD with his brand of ultra dynamic drum ‘n’ bass. His track listing and programming is very impressive and his mixing is tight. Some of my faves are on this, like Adam F. ‘s “Aromatherapy”, Ed Rush’s “The Raven”, DJ Trace’s “Mutant Revisited”, and Doc Scott “The Unofficial Ghost”.

A mixture of ambient, dark and techstep styles that really flow well together. Noel starts the 2nd CD with his dark techstep which he does best. Some highlights are Cybotron “feat”, Dillinja’s- “Threshold”, Future Forces Inc. “Intensify”, and Advocate’s “Are You Talking To Me?”. UFO continues the saga with his hi-tech drum n’ bass. His skills are phenomenal with speed control tweaking and crossfade slams.

Check these guys out!