A New Way to Play

The traditional English pub quiz has been a favourite of people for decades now – the comfort of the local pub and the well worn routine of questions fired out by a quizmaster with a microphone is an extremely popular weekly event for many.


But for all the good points surrounding a pub quiz, there are bad ones too. The sheer length of time the quiz can go on for is something that can put a lot of people off, having to write answers down on scrappy bits of paper and then wait for hours while it’s marked by an opposing team can make something that should be fun really boring. What it needed, decided brothers Alan and John Leach, was dragging into the 21st century. So that’s what they did.


How does SpeedQuizzing work?

It’s a new twist on an old classic and utilises technology to make the pub quiz experience way more fun, less open to unscrupulous cheats and much faster to play. All that players need to do is make sure they have a smartphone or mobile device for their team and that they’ve downloaded the SpeedQuizzing app from http://www.speedquizzing.com/.


The quiz host will have downloaded the software to a central computer – usually a laptop – and then the quiz is ready to go. There is a huge database of quiz questions that are randomly generated, ensuring that no quiz will be repeated. It also speeds up the collation and analysis of the answers as they go straight to the central computer, meaning that there is no tedious wait to find out who has won.

A brand new way to play

As well as the ease with which players can participate, the SpeedQuizzing app also opens up new ways to play. The mobile device in use can be turned into a buzzer so that there can be quick fire rounds, making it much more exciting to play for the team members.

Although it was originally conceived as a pub quiz, over the last year since it launched, it’s shown that it can be used in all sorts of scenarios and events, ranging from wine bars to parties and music festivals to the traditional pub quiz. The team hopes to expand into education over the next couple of years, as the framework of the app can be adapted for different uses.


Easy for quiz masters


Everything you need to run a SpeedQuizzing game is available from the website, including the software, the app and marketing materials. A brand new web app that creates bespoke posters and advertising material in minutes is now available for users to take advantage of.


Word is spreading fast and the feedback received by SpeedQuizzing as a company has been immense, leading to a rebrand and a new look and feel for the app and the website. It’s clear SpeedQuizzing is only going to go from strength to strength in 2014 – get on board now. Have a look on the site to see if there is one near you and if there isn’t then think about running one yourself – it’s a great way to earn some extra cash as well as being loads of fun!