Ways to Improve Your Musical Skills

It’s no secret that becoming a great musician doesn’t happen overnight. It’s takes a lot of character, practice and determination to polish your musical abilities. Even great musicians like Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon all had to work hard to be the stars they were. While some may be naturally talented, it doesn’t mean that we all aren’t capable of playing great music. So if you haven’t yet, decide which instrument you’d like to learn to play, pick it up, and follow these steps to develop your inner talent.


Practice and Learn From A Tutor

If you are serious about learning to belt out a tune on your instrument of choice than finding a music tutor is your best bet. Whether it’s guitar, the piano, the trumpet or the violin finding a tutor to teach you the basics will be the quickest and most in depth process of learning. A musical tutor can teach you theory, how to listen for pitch, tune and rhythm. Learning with tutor will speed the learning process up immensely and you’ll be much more inclined to keep practicing and getting better.


Set A Goal

You’ve been wanting to learn to play a tune for a while but are having trouble getting it. Set yourself a goal, tell yourself you’ll be able to play the entire song flawlessly by set-date and make a schedule to practice. Break down parts of the song to practice, don’t over do it by trying to hammer out the entire thing in one go each time. Focus on parts where you are weak and encourage yourself to improve there. If you set goals you’ll be fascinated to see how quickly you can learn.


Show off Your Skills

Once you have an understanding of your instrument and can play it somewhat confidently; practice in front of your family and friends. Playing in front of a crowd whether just some friends or a music venue will build up your confidence in your ability. Music was meant to be played for the people so eventually you will want to showcase your skills. Even if you don’t play perfectly the first time, you must start somewhere and it’s great training.


Play with a Friend

In order to make sure you are constantly practicing, enlist a fellow musician to play with you. Having a ‘band’ practice will enforce you to play regularly.  A bandmate and fellow musician can also point out the good and bad in your playing to push you to be a better musician.